Terms of Use of this Website

A. General Application
  • A.1
    “BaliCafé” is a trade name and trade mark owned by the Indraco group company Indraco Pte.Ltd. in Singapore and which is referred to hereafter as “BaliCafé”.
  • A.2
    When making a purchase or performing any transaction via www.balicafecoffee.com (the “Site”) you have agreed to BaliCafé’s terms of use and policies. The ‘Terms of Use’ of the website and the ‘Terms and Conditions of Sale’ stated hereafter --both collectively referred to as “these Terms”-- describe the terms, conditions and policies governing your rights and obligations as a User and/or Purchaser.
  • A.3
    For the purposes of these Terms, any user (“User”) is anyone who accesses the Site for a limited purpose, whether or not registered as a member and/or using part or all of the services offered on this Site. The limited purpose in question is for the purpose of shopping for coffee products, equipment and accessories, etc., communicating views and conducting product reviews. Any other intended purpose shall require BaliCafé’s prior written consent.
  • A.4
    At the time a User accesses the Site, submits a request or performs any transaction, the User has agreed to communicate with the Site either by e-mail, telephone or by any offered other features of the Site.
  • A.5
    BaliCafé reserves the right to amend these Terms at any time by displaying changes to the Terms on this Site and any changes will become effective at the time of display on this Site. The display of changes to these Terms and the continuation of the User activity on this Site will be construed as an agreement to the changes to the Terms displayed.
  • A.6
    The Site reserves the right to launch, amend, update, suspend or discontinue certain services (or features in the service) without prior notice to the User except for paid services, where these changes will not affect users in enjoying the services on this Site.
B. General Users of the Site
  • B.1
    Users need to be registered on the Site to access or use some or all of the services. Unless permitted by the Site, one User may only have one member account. The Site may cancel or delete a User member's account if the Site has the suspicion that the User has knowingly owned and controlled multiple member accounts.
  • B.2
    Each User agrees not to impersonate, reproduce, resell, redistribute, rent, transmit, or download any information, text, images, videos or documents either in whole or in part contained on or through this Site (all constituting the “Site Content”) for any purpose without having first obtained the prior written consent by BaliCafé. Activities found constituting any such prohibited action will be deemed to violate these Terms and may infringe the laws of the Republic of Singapore.
  • B.3
    Users should note that some Site Content displayed on the Site may be provided or uploaded by third parties (“Third Party Content”). BaliCafé is not responsible for any other party's claims, infringement of the proprietary rights, the validity of Third Party Content so that it cannot be held accountable by the User in relation to the User's trust in or reliance on such Third Party Content. In addition, BaliCafé shall not be responsible for the performance of any unauthorised User activities on the Site.
  • B.4
    BaliCafé may allow users to access content, products or services offered by means of Third Party Content through links in the form of accentuated word or sentence links, banners, channels or other to third-party sites. Users are encouraged to carefully read the terms applicable on such thirdparty-sites. Users acknowledges that BaliCafé has no control and power over third-party sites.
  • B.5
    BaliCafé retains the right to restrict, deny or create special access to this Site and its services to certain Users. BaliCafé does not guarantee the availability of access to some or all of the services and the Site at any time.
  • B.6
    Users are required to carefully read BaliCafé’s Privacy Policy governing the protection and use of User information that is or may become into the possession of BaliCafé or any of its affiliated or associated entities. The User also acknowledges that the Privacy Policy may be changed or updated at any time in accordance with the conditions set by BaliCafé and the updated or revamped Privacy Policy will be available and accessible on the Site.
C. Registered Users of the Site
  • C.1
    Users may complete and submit an on-line registration or mail in physical application forms providing certain personal information (name, mailing address, e-mail address, telephone number and/or mobile phone number) or other similar such information to BaliCafé or any group companies and by this become a "Registered User" of the Site. BaliCafé will create for each such Registered User a user account (“Account”) and let the Registered User create a username ("Account ID") and personal password ("Password") to access the Account.
  • C.2
    For Registered Users who are business entities, it will be deemed that (i) the Registered User is sufficiently authorised to agree to these Terms, (ii) the registered address to be the office where the business entity resides or wherefrom it operates, (iii) all information provided is true, accurate, actual and complete, and (iv) no branch office or representative will be considered a separate entity, hence the primary address will be considered the head office unless BaliCafé had been served a notice stating otherwise.
  • C.3
    As a Registered User you have agreed to provide personal information to BaliCafé. In this case, BaliCafé shall be allowed to send e-mails and communicate that information with any message and transmitted by any technical means that will be offered by BaliCafé to you.
  • C.4
    The Registered User Account may be suspended or deleted at any time without prior notice if BaliCafé becomes aware that there has been a violation of any of these Terms.
  • C.5
    Registered Users may not sell, transfer, provide or transfer Accounts, Account IDs or Passwords to any party without having given prior written notice to and having obtained the written consent of BaliCafé to that effect. Any violation or suspected violation of such activity will result in the suspension or removal of the Account and the cancellation of the Account ID by BaliCafé.
  • C.6
    BaliCafé has the right in its own unfettered discretion to cancel a registration and to refuse providing an Account and Account ID to any User with or without providing any reason therefor.
D. Limitation of Liability
  • D.1
    The content and services provided on the Site are to be considered on an "as is" and "as available" basis. BaliCafé will under no circumstances be directly responsible or directly or indirectly liable for any consequences arising out of the use, the inability to use, errors or omissions in the content and description of services of this Site.
  • D.2
    BaliCafé does not warrant of give any guarantee as to the quality, completeness, accuracy, reliability of the information or effect of any product stated on the Site after it is consumed or how it is used as stated on its packaging or information displayed on the Site as all such information is as is and as available from the manufacturer.
  • D.3
    BaliCafé excludes any responsibility or liability for the services rendered or features provided by third parties stated on the Site or for any delays, difficulties or obstacles caused by procedures implemented by such third parties.
E. Product Display Accuracy
  • E.1
    The User understands and agrees that the accuracy of colours on the monitor or hand-held device screens may vary depending on the lighting, settings, or resolution on the User's monitor or screen so that there is a possibility that the colours of the accepted Product may differ.
  • E.2
    The User understands that BaliCafé will always make every effort to ensure the accuracy and suitability of all details, descriptions and prices contained on the www.balicafecoffee.com.
  • E.3
    The User understands and agrees that the availability of the Products listed on the www.balicafecoffee.com Site may not be in accordance with the actual availability.

General Terms & Conditions of Sale

1. Application
  • 1.1
    Each order placed by you with Indraco Pte. Ltd. (hereafter Indraco) shall be governed by the present General Conditions of Sale (hereafter Conditions) and is subject to particular conditions applicable to orders for merchandise (“Goods”) placed on-line via www.balicafecoffee.com or with a BaliCafé boutique or BaliCafé sales outlet. By placing an order for Goods you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted these Conditions for which BaliCafé reserves the right to amend or modify at any time by publishing a new version.
  • 1.2
    Users are required to carefully read BaliCafé’s Privacy Policy governing the protection and use of User information that is or may become into the possession of BaliCafé or any of its affiliated or associated entities. The User also acknowledges that the Privacy Policy may be changed or updated at any time in accordance with the conditions set by BaliCafé and the updated or revamped Privacy Policy will be available and accessible on the Site.
  • 1.3
    Please note that the purchase by you of BaliCafé Goods or products/merchandise from third party retail locations or via third-party websites are not covered by these Conditions.
2. Orders
  • 2.1
    By placing an order (“Order”) through the BaliCafé website or with a BaliCafé boutique or BaliCafé sales outlet you make an offer to purchase the goods you have selected under these Conditions. Orders placed on the BaliCafé website shall only be binding following BaliCafé’s e-mailed order confirmation. The order confirmation, including payment information, transmitted by BaliCafé shall constitute full proof of the Order and the entire sales transaction.
  • 2.2
    No Order which has been accepted by BaliCafé may be unilaterally cancelled by you.
  • 2.3
    Unless authorised by BaliCafé, you are not allowed to engage in a resale in whatever form of BaliCafé Goods.
3. Prices and Invoicing
  • 3.1
    The prices invoiced for the ordered Goods are those in effect on the date you placing your Order and are understood inclusive of GST, where applicable, but exclude shipping or delivery charges.
  • 3.2
    The fee for shipping/delivery charges is included separately on the invoice where applicable.
  • 3.2
    BaliCafé reserve the right to modify prices for the Goods/merchandise and the applicable shipping/delivery charges at any time.
4. Coupons; Vouchers
  • 4.1
    BaliCafé reserves the right to issue, and hereby sets out the specific terms and conditions whichmay vary between payment vouchers (“Vouchers”) and another types of coupons (“Coupons”) e.g. for promotion, gift-giving, or other occasions. BaliCafé may be issue (1) Coupons that have a minimum spend limit to be used and those that do not have a minimum spend limit; (2) Coupons that can be used by all accounts (transferable) and those which cannot be used by other accounts (account bindings); (3) refundable and non-refundable types of Coupons (e.g. forfeited in the event of a cancellation or refund of an order, and (4) other types of Coupons.
  • 4.2
    Vouchers and Coupons are in principle non-transferable and cannot be combined for their use by one User - unless specifically so permitted by BaliCafé.
  • 4.3
    Users are prohibited from trading Vouchers and Coupons which have been declared non-transferable by BaliCafé under any circumstances. BaliCafé will not be responsible for any loss, theft, or unreadability of any Voucher or Coupon that has been received by a User. Vouchers or Coupons with an expiry date will generally not be renewed or cannot be reused.
  • 4.4
    If the purchase amount on one (or more) Vouchers is less than the Voucher amount used, the difference in the value is forfeited and will not be refundable.
  • 4.5
    Unless otherwise agreed, if a User made use of a Voucher or Coupon but does not complete the payment until a specified deadline, the Voucher or Coupon will be forfeited and cannot be used again.
5. Payment
  • 5.1
    BaliCafé co-operates with trusted payment and banking service providers by offering various electronic payment methods. All purchases of Goods made other than over-the-counter at a BaliCafé boutique or BaliCafé sales outlet are accepted only if made by credit card or via AliPay, Gpay and Apple Pay (or via other payment organisations BaliCafé may opt to include in the future) and you acknowledge and accept to be bound by the particular terms and conditions of these payment organisations.
  • 5.2
    The User agrees that in making a purchase via www.balicafecoffee.com the User is obliged to use the payment method stated on the Site
  • 5.3
    The User is obliged to pay in full for any spend made within the specified time frame for each payment method the User chooses. If the User has not made a payment within the specified period of time, then BaliCafé reserves the right to declare the order cancelled.
  • 5.4
    BaliCafé does not charge the User administration fees for any of the payment methods offered.
  • 5.5
    The User understands and agrees that any loss arising from the User not following the payment method or method offered by BaliCafé is the sole responsibility of the User.
6. Promotions
  • 6.1
    BaliCafé reserves the right to hold promotional activities under special terms and conditions that may vary from case to case. Users are expected to read carefully any terms and conditions applicable to the ongoing promotion.
  • 6.2
    Any User transaction under a promotion deal can only be entertained by using the verified User account based on E-mail, Mobile Number, Delivery Address, Address IP, etc.
7. Delivery
  • 7.1
    BaliCafé makes every possible effort to ensure deliveries of the Goods are made within two to three working days after BaliCafé’s confirmation of a paid Order and will do its best to ensure deliveries in the timing shown on the delivery option selected and set out in the order confirmation. BaliCafé however generally does not guarantee delivery times. In cases of online orders we will inform you by email if a delivery time cannot be met or if a an article of the order is not available.
  • 7.2
    All shipments of Goods and merchandise are handled by Easyship or by other third-party logistics service providers to BaliCafé. Any complaint against the quality of delivery services is to be aimed at and is in the sole responsibility of the logistics service provider who so co-operates with BaliCafé.
  • 7.3
    If at the time of delivery of the paid Order (i) an error in the delivery address is found and this error is caused by you as the Purchaser, or if (ii) repeated failures of delivery causes the delivery to be unresolved, then we will first attempt to reconfirm the address with you. If we fail to obtain such reconfirmation and the courier fails in its redelivery twice, we retain the right to cancel the relevant order.
  • 7.4
    If you as Purchaser request a particular means of delivery different from that normally used by BaliCafé, any additional cost will be billed to you. Likewise, if you request for, and BaliCafé agrees to, make delivery to a different location from the original order or to an unusual location, such additional costs will also be charged to you.
8. Verification of Goods
  • 8.1
    It is your responsibility to check the quantity, quality and condition of the Goods upon receipt and, in cases of damage to, discrepancies in the quantity of or for missing items, to notify and file a claim with the carrier and inform BaliCafé within seven days of receipt.
  • 8.2
    BaliCafé shall in such circumstances provide you with identical replacement Goods or a full refund where such claim is found legally valid.
9. Returns Policy, Refunding
  • 9.1
    Coffee products are generally not returnable unless the consignment has been damaged in transit or if an incorrect product has been delivered. If at all, the return of any coffee product is accepted only if the merchandise is still originally packed, sealed and unopened.
  • 9.2
    You have the right to return machines and accessory products within 14 days (the delivery date verified by presentation of the Airway Bill, a valid delivery order or delivery receipt) after receipt of the Goods. BaliCafé will only accept the return of such Goods which are in perfect condition, in their original packaging (at least together with the complete original packing) and accompanied by the underlying invoice for the product.
  • 9.3
    Order returns are allowed only for reasons of (i) the product being delivered damaged or defective, (ii) the product not complying with the description on the Site, and/or (iii) the product having been delivered being incomplete.
  • 9.4
    BaliCafé will refuse the return of the Order if the product shows any constraints of use or damage caused by the User's negligence such as (i) obvious misuse, (ii) visible signs of damage/scratches suffered through falling or improper handling (iii) incorrect assembly or installation, (iv) signs of attempted dismantling or the tampering with, or the removal of, warranty stickers or serial numbers or (v) signs of product modification or attempts of repair.
  • 9.5
    Purchases made by you via the BaliCafé website, through a BaliCafé boutique or any BaliCafé sales outlet may be returned to the BaliCafé address shown on the packing slip received with the Goods purchased.
  • 9.6
    BaliCafé will refund you the purchase price (excluding shipping costs, if any) of the returned Goods no later than thirty (30) days after BaliCafé receives such returned merchandise. You will be reimbursed the purchase price (excluding shipping costs) by your original form of payment, but BaliCafé retains the right to also reimburse you by other means of payment (excluding Vouchers or Coupons).
  • 9.7
    The return of shipping costs is proportionate based on the number of products delivered under the respective Order. BaliCafé further reserves the right to charge a shipping fee to pick up a User's returned Order if the return is made for personal reasons like a change of mind.
  • 9.8
    BaliCafé will not accept the return of a machine or other equipment purchased at a third-party retail store, shop or via a third-party website.
10. Machine Warranty and After-Sales Service
  • 10.1
    Each machine purchased directly from BaliCafé either via the Site or at a BaliCafé boutique or BaliCafé sales outlet comes with a minimum one-year limited warranty and these machines are guaranteed pursuant to the specific terms and conditions listed in the original product documentation. Such guarantee is without prejudice to any of our Purchaser’s statutory consumer rights.
  • 10.2
    For any questions concerning to the functioning, operation, maintenance and after-sales service of your BaliCafé machine, please contact BaliCafé by e-mail.
  • 10.3
    Machines that are co-branded with another company or that are purchased via a third-party retail location or third-party website may have different warranty coverage. Please consult the third party company or the machine’s user manual for details.
11. Limitation of Liabelity
  • 11.1
    Any photographs, illustrations or textual graphics describing the goods on packaging or on the BaliCafé website are for illustrative and information purposes only.
  • 11.2
    The mention or imagery of any trademarks or trade names other than those of or owned by BaliCafé are for reference only and BaliCafé does not purport having any rights in or licenses deriving from these.
12. Data Protection
  • BaliCafé will only handle your personal data in accordance agreed between BaliCafé and you and in strict accordance with applicable laws. Our BaliCafé Privacy Policy you will find published on this website www.balicafecoffee.com.
13. Severability
  • In case any one or more of the provisions contained in these Terms are held or considered to be invalid or unenforceable in any respect, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions and shall be construed as if such invalid or unenforceable provision had never been contained herein.
14. Force Majeure
  • Any delay or non-performance of any obligation or provision (other than for the payment of amounts due) caused by conditions beyond the reasonable control of the performing party, Be it BaliCafé or the User/Purchaser, shall not constitute a contractual breach and the time for performance of such provision, if any, shall be deemed to be extended for a period equal to the duration of the conditions preventing any performance.
15. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
  • These Terms and any claims arising out of or relating to it and its subject matter shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Singapore, without reference to its conflicts of law principles. In the event of any conflicts between foreign law, rules, and regulations, and Singapore law, rules, and regulations, Singapore law, rules, and regulations shall prevail and govern. The United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods shall not apply to this Agreement.